Welcome Dr. Rochelle Akradi


Rochelle Akradi, DMD
General Dentist

We are excited to welcome Dr. Rochelle Akradi to Back Bay Dental Care!

“I love the ability to help people the day that I see them. There are not very many areas of medicine where you have the ability to fix something in that moment. With dentistry you do, which is something truly great!” says Dr. Akradi.

As a child, she was completely embarrassed by her smile. Although she always knew she wanted to go into medicine, it wasn’t until her own self-confidence changed after orthodontics that she knew dentistry was the route for her. She says, “I was lucky enough to have a female dentist and a female orthodontist, which really helped me see my dream as a reality.”

In addition to being a passionate general dentist, she is also compassionate and understands dental fears and anxieties. She treats the whole patient and values the connection between oral health and overall health and wellness. Patients appreciate that she doesn’t just tell them what they need. Instead, she works closely to provide education and help them understand the diagnosis. Dr. Akradi believes that when you understand what’s going on in your body you can make the best decisions.

Originally from Minnesota, Dr. Akradi loves the lake! She currently resides in South Boston and enjoys wake surfing during the summers and skiing in the winter. Sorry Pats fans, she loves her hometown Minnesota Vikings, but after 9 years in Boston, she has officially adopted the Red Sox and the Bruins as her baseball and hockey teams.

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